loganbrady (loganbrady) wrote in lcbd_rp,

Who: Logan and Elise
Where: Out and about in Georgia

This last week in Georgia was so bittersweet. Logan was much more upset about leaving his home and moving to Connecticut to complete his senior year then he had originally thought he would be. He knew that he would miss his family, and his home, and the land around his home that he spent so much of his time at, but as the date of the first day of school came closer and closer, Logan was getting more and more nostalgic. He spent as much time as he could just doing everything that he loved before going away to school. He was excited, but at the same time so anxious. Mostly it was because of Bailey. She had never been outside of Georgia save for the week that he and his parents had gone to Florida and visited the theme parks, and now she would be living in cold, harsh Connecticut, surrounded by teenagers with abilities. Abilities that were probably just as scary, if not scarier, then Logan’s ability. He knew that being surrounded by a bunch of hormonal, reckless teenagers was not a prime place for a child to be, and even though his parents and the school administration insisted that everything would be okay, that Bailey wouldn’t have a rough time being at the school, that they would be accommodating. Bailey was whining all morning to Logan about wanting to go into town, because Annie down the street had been talking about a new pony exhibit that she wanted to go see where you could actually ride the ponies. Logan had shushed her for the most part, telling her that he would have to think about it once he finished with his morning chores. So she quietly followed him around the house, not saying a word and just watching, until Logan was finished and she jumped on the chance to get him to take her into town.

Logan couldn’t think of a reason not to take her, so he just changed her into a pink dress and French braided her hair because that’s how she liked it, then buckled her into the backseat of his car. Normally they would walk into town, but it looked like it might rain, and knowing how temperamental the Georgian weather could be, Logan didn’t want to risk it. The ride into town was short, with Bailey singing quietly to herself in the backseat, and soon enough Logan was parking his car and helping Bailey out. She made a beeline to the pony stand, and Logan had to catch up with her, chastising her quickly about leaving his side. The line was really long, and the guy waiting there to put kids on the ponies said he should come back in thirty minutes, so Logan tugged Bailey away, promising that they would go back. She whined for a little bit, but soon quieted down, following Logan with her hand in his. They went into the general store, wandering around the aisles and grabbing a couple of things that Bailey might have wanted for their trip up to Connecticut. Logan finally got into line, letting go of Bailey and checking out. Once he paid for all of the little things he bought, he grabbed the bags. “Okay Bai, we can go check out the line now –“ He glanced down to where Bailey had been, and saw nothing. “Bailey?” He turned on the spot, glancing all around him and he couldn’t see his daughter anywhere. He repeated her name a couple more times, each time becoming a little bit more frantic. He knew that he shouldn’t worry, that Bailey was probably right around the corner chatting with Old Mrs. McKlanders, but he couldn’t help himself. He started hurrying around the store, glancing around each aisle, and seeing nothing. His pulse rose with each moment that he couldn’t find Bailey. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, where the hell did she go? She knew better then to do this.
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