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Who: Emily and Austin
Where and  When: Central Park, NYC before Anthony's party.
Why: Contacting Emily's mother.

Austin wasn't sure what he had gotten himself into. People had never treated his ability this way, or had it ever evolved into such a conflict. It was very rare for Austin to personally contact a person at the request of someone else. For somebody like Lyla, it was different. For someone like Emily who Austin hardly knew, it was another story. Over the course of the week, Austin had a lot of down time to think about everything that Carlson had said to him, especially about Emily. He knew deep down that even if need be, he could protect Emily. He also knew that Emily's mother wouldn't try to harm either of them. Maybe it was his own personal ability to handle the reaction Emily might give, he still felt a little uneasy. It was too late to turn on his word now, but he wouldn't anyway. Austin didn't want his friends thinking the worst of him. He knew how his power worked, and he honestly meant no harm to anybody. Hands in his pockets, pacing by a bench on the less popular part of the main park. It was about an hour before Anthony's or Carlson's or whomever's party, and the sun had almost set.  Austin wasn't really a smoker, but it was moments like this where he felt maybe he could use a light.  When Emily appeared, Austin felt a pang of guilt for asking the most likely shaken girl to walk herself here, but it was too late to change that now.

He met her half way, hands still shoved into his jeans. "Are you sure you want to do this, Emily?" Of course she was, that was a stupid question. "Let's go over there." He suggested, nodding his head towards a bench just down a hill near by. Once they got there Austin motioned for Emily to sit down, and then he asked for the picture. After she handed it over, he sighed as he examined it. "What's her name?" It had been far too long since he'd searched for one person in particular. It was impossible to describe how the summoning process worked, but Dianna seemed to always be somewhere close to Emily. Within the next few moments, Austin glanced up abruptly,  and there on the opposite side of the bench that Emily was sat on sat Dianna, the girl in the picture. He swallowed, not bothered by the ghost, but at the situation in general. "She's here."
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