Isabela (isabelamoore) wrote in lcbd_rp,

Who: Isabela and Dakota
Where: ~The Past
When: Wednesday during school

This was one of the reasons Isabela hated having a roommate. Emily was good to her, and had been in the past, and she appreciated having her than having someone she hated, but Isabela would never let herself break down in front of her. It was bad enough showing weakness when she needed help with her lines for the show, or when she needed someone to stay with, but this was on a completely different level. Jude was gone, and she was falling apart inside, although she was icing over on the outside, as per usual. She'd foolishly believed in love again, and just like last time with him, her heart ended up being shattered. Almost immediately after he left, Bela crawled into bed, and told Emily she was sick, and that she didn't want to be disturbed, and she stayed there long after Emily had left for class the next morning, ignoring her when she wished her better. Once the door was shut, she texted Dakota to let her know that she would be over in an hour, and then she allowed herself to fall apart, throwing her things in a fit of anger, screaming, and crying a few tears, but ones she'd never admit to. Then she took a shower, washing away what she was sure was the last of her weaknesses, and then she got dressed, and headed over to Dakota's room.

After knocking, she waited a few moments until Dakota answered, then pushed her way into the room, and sat down on Hana's bed. The girl wasn't there, she was sure she wouldn't mind, and even if she did, Bela didn't care. "How does this work, how long will we be gone, and what do I need to do?" She said, before Dakota could even ask her anything. She stared at Dakota, almost challenging her to find the cracks. They were all smoothed over with her renewed coldness, and makeup to hide her red eyes, and a firm, determined face. No-one was going to see the Bela inside again, if it caused people to leave, or wipe her memories, or anything else that had happened to her. She wasn't afraid of what she'd learn, either. Fear was not an emotion she felt now, and honestly, she had nothing else to lose. She nodded along with whatever Dakota told her, not really listening, but responding in the appropriate places, while looking at the things on Dakota's desk. One was a picture of this Matt, and she picked it up, examining it, being sure that if there was something about him, something connecting them, that surely she'd remember if she tried hard enough. But she stared at the picture, and her mind was a blank to the first time she'd met him, or words they may have exchanged, or how they had developed with one another so far that he somehow made it to her home. Not even Jude had ever been to her family home in Spain. She rolled her eyes as Dakota continued with what she could and couldn't do, and she turned to face her, interrupting her. "Can we just get started, Dakota? Now."
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